What is ePSF.lu ?

ePSF.lu is the community portal of the professionals working in the financial sector.

It deals with all the main infomations linked to this sector.

It provides you with operational solutions and developed a simple, efficient service, continually updated, that keeps you informed about all the legal texts that applies to you.

The free part of ePSF.lu  (visible in My PSF after registration) includes :

  • An interactive library, value added articles where you can leave comments, ask questions, and interact with other members of the community;
  • A monthly newsletter, that focusses on recently published articles about the PSF sector, as well as the new features of the ePSF.lu portal;
  • Basic request about the companies, licenses and legal texts (Cube light).

The additional tools of ePSF.lu are :

  • Auto assessment forms :  assess your compliance online, and discover by yourself what are your priorities about audit, control, organization, accounting...;
  • Cube : get alerts about the new texts, ask questions to experts and follow their answers through a ticket management system;
  • Goverline :the timeline of your governance, for an efficient planning, a tracing of responsibilities, and archiving of your documents;
  • Steercomm : the agenda of the steering committee, the recording, dispatching and follow-up of the decisions;
  • Organization manual : definition of the yearly objectives, description of the processes.

ePSF.lu is a perpetually ongoing project, much more features are coming !

  • Governance As A Service;
  • DueDil As A Service
  • Risk Management
  • Steering Committee virtual room
  • Compatibility with smartphones and tablets
  • FAQ about legal and organizational problems
  • Support to financial services
  • ... And much more to come !!!